Via Ferrata - Escalade

The Via Ferrata is an activity that combines walking and climbing, it's courses are at high altitude and are equiped with ladders, beams, rope bridges...and life cables that ensure your security. This activity will allow you to discover a different side to moutaineering.

With or without a guide if you have already experienced this activity.

Gain height and dominate the rock faces of the "Vallée de la Loue".

A large variety of rock faces are at your disposal, starting at 25m for beginners and 140m for experienced climbers.


Come and discover even more with the "Grande Verticale" of 115m in the Gorges de la Loue !

Programme / Lieux

The "Roche du Mont" Via Ferrata in Ornans

This course gives you an exceptional panorama view of the valley. It's as high as it is acrobatic. It occurs mainly  transversally, divided into two different difficulty level and several loopholes to enable every climber lo progress at their own pace.

During the daytime, the course is angled towards the sun, so it is advised to go in the morning.

The "Baumes du Verneau" Via Ferrata in Nans S/Ste Anne (25 kms from Ornans)

An amazing view on the remote Lison River. This course is on vertical angle, divided into three different levels that allow each person to adapt the course to their ability.

Climbing : The cliffs of the “Arc de Cercle”, from “La Brême” to Ornans and Mouthier-Haute-Pierre and Haute-Pierre Le Châtelet.

La Grande Verticale : On the Syratu waterfall in the Gorges de la Loue, routes adapted to all levels to apprehend the rock with ease.



From April to November

Infos pratiques

Durée :
From 2h to 5h
On reservation if you wish to go with a guide.
Organisation :
Condition :
1m40 is the minimum high required for the Via Ferrata
Weight: 45 to 100 kg
To go rock climbing with a guide, participants must be at least 8 years old and in a group of 6 people minimum.
We allow ourselves to replace the activity by another depending on the weather conditions.
Activities stop before storms.

Staff supervision : 1 qualified guide
Walk from our base toward the Roche du Mont for the Via Ferrata in Ornans, and the transport is not included for the Via Ferrata les Baumes du Verneau in Nans-sous-St-Anne.
Equipement requis :
Comfortable equipment, trainers, rucksack and a bottle of water (energy bars are recommended)
Equipement fourni :
Comfortable equipment, trainers, loins with choc absorbers, karabiners
Tarifs :
Via Ferrata Roche du Mont : half day 40 € / pers
Via Ferrata Baumes du Verneau : half day 45 € / pers
Hire of the equipement only :
half a day 18 €/pers
day 25€/pers

Half day 45 € / pers
Day 80€ / pers

Training course : 105 € / pers for 3 mornings

Grande Verticale : 55 € / pers

Tél. +33(3) 81 57 10 82